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Christian David
Illinois, DuPage County, Chicago and surrounding suburbs
About Me: 

I am a feature film editor, who has always had other jobs when movie making isn't strong. I peaked my interest in real estate having been a bank loan officer, a retirement planner, an actor and a church musician.

Real Estate is bringing it all together for me since it allows me to make the money I need to complete my creative vision.

That's my take on it...and I'm stickin' to it.

A close friend drowned last year. Since then swimming has been my constant pursuit and passion. I play piano and write songs. I enjoy editing video for friends and non-profit organizations.

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Real Estate Investor, Retirement Planner, Feature Film Editor
No Children
Completed College

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Mainly Just This One


European River Cruise

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Hey Christian, yes we took that cruise and it was the best vacation I have ever taken. I was really thinking it would be boring and not as fun as others but it turned out to be the best. So what are you doing these days in REI?