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Me and my husband, are from Texas, originally from Poland. We are new to real estate investing.

reading, learning, meeting new people, hiking, walking, cooking.

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Property in Tylor Texas

my name is Tom I'm Polish too. I'm living in California, I recently came across a client who have a home in Tyler Texas,he is living in CA and he would like to sale it. Do you know anybody in that area who would like to have that property.
by the way do you speak polish???
Happy New Year


Hello Tom,

I am so very sorry, i haven't been very often here, and just noticed your posting. I can promise to be more often.I am a new investor, learning all the secrets. Yes I do speak polish. If the property is still there let me know, we will see what we can do.

Serdecznie pozdrawiam z pieknego Texasu.

Welcome aboard

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Welcome to the site and the family. Take some time and fill out your bio so that we know who you are and what it is you are trying to do here. If you need mentoring or some help PM me.

Hi Halina!!

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Just gettin started in the DG family.....although I have been a "lurker" for about 4 years.....and this is one of my FIRST actual postings!

I am writing because I have ALWAYS looked for serious DG members in Texas who are "working the program" and have not really found any. When I saw that you were from Texas, I stopped to read your bio.

I have attended several of the intro courses Dean has offered in my area (Waco) and have always come away with useful/valuable information, but have not sensed a tie-in to our communities in Texas.

I haven't really done anything specifically/officially with DG, nor have I bought any of the courses offered......but, I have followed faithfully his blogs and read his books.

I know he is not the ONLY answer to success in real estate, but I do think he effective reads the trends very well and does extensive research. Now that he is looking for regional managers, it tells me that he is ready to broaden his structure and grow his makes perfect sense.....for someone who understands first-hand and has been involved POSITIVELY in real estate for so many years. If it is it grow.

So, Halina, I was just wanting to let you know that I also think Texas is a GREAT opportunity state for the "upswing" phase that DG has been talking about....problem is, it is also unique unto itself when it comes to dealing with so many areas of real estate.

I would love to hear more about your DG experience there and possibly work with you to get a stronger DG support structure here in TEXAS!!

Thank you

Hi Phil
Thank you very much for your comment,to be very honest with you my experience with DG is probably same as yours.I bought His books which are great source of info.
His whole site is truly committed to people like Us.
We are in Conroe area,we have not make any deal yet.
The reason is funding,we are in the process of raising private money,still no luck.If you have access
to funds, we can put together very lucrative deals.
Please let me know what your thoughts are,maybe we could get together for cup of coffee and touch basis.

Please PM me.