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I have 2 grown children, 3 grandchildren and 3 cats. My daughter and granddaughter live next door in one of our rental houses. My son and his boys live up north.

I was in the construction and residential cleaning business for 20 years. 10 years I worked for another company and 10 years self-employed. Now I start my day before I’ve finished my first cup of coffee. I run our home office as secretary for my husband’s business and taking care of our rental properties. And now learning and setting up the real estate business. The hours are longer but it does have its advantages. I save on gas, no traffic and I don’t have to wear shoes!!
My husband is a Contractor and has been in business for 20 years. We've been in real estate for 15 years in one form or another and have done 7 deals. We currently own 4 rental properties. We’ve bought vacant land and turned a nice profit at the top of the market. We bought a property Subject To and did a full rehab and then got caught in the middle when the Market dropped. We still managed to make money but not what we thought we would. With the market changing we know it’s time to jump back in and take this to the next level and with the help of Deans training and all of you I know we can do it.


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im new but i was just wondering how long u fought with the fears of realestate and did it seem that it was like a ball of yarn and didnt know were to start how did u get over it

Greg, Nothing concrete yet.


Nothing concrete yet. I've got an offer in on a 3/2 but we can't agree on a price. It's a good area but needs a lot of work. Plenty more out there if this one doesn't go through.

Thanks for asking.