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Hi all
I am a lady who is very excited about R.E.I beleave it is a great way to make money and to give me somethng to do. Reading Deans book has made me sure it can be done right with some work.I will just have to read them over and over.I have had some bad health in the past and it is a great feeling to be able to do this. I have bought and fixed up one house and now I have to sell it but I made many mistakes. BUT I did learn alot so my next one will not have all of the mistakes that i made this time Wish me luck as I do all of you. crossover


hi, My name is Sandy and I am trying to get to where I know more about about what what I am doing in R. E. I am taking the lessing now and am learing so much I am found a house but i have a lot most my money in a house I purchased. and fixed up but now all mt money is in that house . I did this before I bought Dean's books and study lessons and I am still go to go ahead and do other houses . i am getting have a good part of my power team but would liketo find a R.E, club in the St Charles MO or St Louis MO area. anyone know of some if not could we get together and help each other Sandy

Hi I am having trouble

I am having trouble finding investors in a R E club Anyone in the St charles MO area?

100 th blog

Congratulation, You must be a very busy man. How nice it is to listen to you.
You are so helpful as is all of of the ot ers on your site.I am learning so much from your site and am very anxouis to sell the house that i sm now flipping and start over and do it a better way.
God Bless, Crossover

House Sold

I sold my house that I flipped today.It was not a profited deal but it was before I started with Dean. I now know many of the things I did wrong and will do things differntly next time . With all I have learned I know my next one will make me money. I did not lose much and i did learn so much from fixing up a house and now with dean's teaching I know thatI can do this over and over and mamy otherways to do real estate.Thank you Dean for giveing me so much confendence. Crossover


I have just got one or two buyers butnow need to talk to them more to get togther on a deal. Been working and finding property so I can help them. I have a question that I hope someone can help me with. How do you make sure that you get a finders fee? Notsure how how to do that.

Great blog Dean, Idid make

Great blog Dean, Idid make one flif this year but I did not make money BUT I am not letting it discourage me and I intend to flip again and buy to rent out.I intend to work hard to attend this goal.Thanks for allyour and crewa help they are GREAT.


Jim I am trying to send ehese two to you but am having trouble with comp. I will give it another try. Jim I am in the end of my third flip anbut I want you to see these duplexs
Sandy Cross