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Christopher Sprague
San Diego
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New investors been interested in investing for a few years now. My wife and I are really excited to get some deals going. We want to change our stars. Financially we have struggled for longer than I really want to admit and believe that real estate can help us achieve our financial goals.

I work in sales, for a business lender in San Diego, and my wife is a vet tech. We want so much more for our family.

We had our first child in February of 2012.

Thanks for reading.

Fishing, Gaming, Football (Chargers), beach volleyball, Sales, Motivation, Real Estate,

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Business Finance Consultant
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Welcome Christopher!

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Welcome to the DG site. You will get a lot of valuable information here.

I recommend you use it wisely by reading as much as you possibly can.

Good luck.


Thank you for reaching out

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appreciated Eye-wink updated my bio too

found it

very interesting. i wish you well.

to chris and kether.



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Good morning!!!!!!! I just wanted to say hello and just to let you know that I am new and in the learning process. I just read one of your postings and it seems that you have been doing this for a while. I just wanted to know that if I needed advice in the future, if I could ask you guys sometimes. With that said, take care and stay blessed! Smiling

oh sorry..one last thing..

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I just read your bio...CONGRATS on the new bundle of JOY!!!!!!! I know ya'll are excited...you are expanding your dreams just as you are your family!!!!!!!! So much excitement!!!!!!! Enjoy! Smiling

Congrats on 1st Deal!!

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Boy that was so awesome to hear that you got your 1st deal. We still haven't done ours first. Thanks for sharing because I'm so discourage and confused at where to even start. I should look into making letters too.

Sure I would be happy to help

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I am no guru, nor have we done a ton of deals. I am determined though, and I believe we are going to do very well.


if you can write letters to vacant homes, I bet I can help you find a deal or two.

if you like I can send you a list of vacant leads you can try

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This is how we got ours. Because you even know what wholeselling is means you are ahead of the game. Realtors/investors/etcetc.. don't even know wholesellers.

I am learning that the more people you network with, banks, contractors, realtors, hard money guys, title companies, buyers, other wholesellers the more powerful you are.

What area are you looking at? I can send over the same type of list to get you started. No strings

Cheers to our success!


Hows it going walt!

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I saw you on IE as well, and I believe Amanda is going to call me this weekend to look at some vacant homes in her area.