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David K. Foy
Conroe, TX
About Me: 

I grew up overseas until the age of 13. Lived in Venezuela, Spain, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Graduated from Sam Houston State Univ. with a BA in Business.

I have co-owned a laundro-mat, a restraunt, valet parking business, Christmas tree farm. I have been associated with many network marketing plans. In my 48 tender years, I have recieved some compensation, pay or commissions from 48 companies.

Currently, I am a Branch Manager for an insurance firm, a District Manager for an identity theft protection company, a representative for a prescription discount service and NOW I AM AN REI !!!!! I am driven by ethics and venture or company growth and expansion, the joy of helping others achieve and surpass their goals. I have learned from many of my past attempts where I may not have succeeded as planned but use those lessons to be more successful in the future.

I don't remember the last time I worked for an hourly salary. Really! I found out a long time ago that I would bve better at determining my worth than someone who would never know or apreciate my potential. I fully understand the power of RESIDUAL INCOME over big single sales. I sold manufactured homes for 10 years and insurance for eight. Insurance still pays me for what I sold eight years ago. Thus my desire to focus on the rental properties.

I have sold annuities and know there is lots of money to be found for a reasonable interest promised to the investors.

I have a very beautiful, supportive wife (15 years), two sons (both married) and three darling grand-daughters. Along with siblings, nieces and nephews, I work for a legacy for them.

My goals include but are not limited to owning 360 rental properties.
Earning $1 Million dollars in one year....
This year I practice and next year I win.
I want to own an orchard, ranch and farm.
I am very interested in owning an investor group, a venture capital group like a "shark tank" to help others achieve their dreams.

Family, golf, travel, music (listening and I play the drums in a "Texas Funkadelic Rock Band", gardening, home repair, helping others better their lives, road trips, THE OLYMPICS, Astros Baseball, Texans Football, children and pets

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District Manager for an identity theft protection company
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"Quick, BIG and Steady"

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Like so many others...burdened by excuses and distractions, your blogs are a great flame in the winds of life.
May we all find the courage to reach beyond our mental limits and have the fortitude to continue.

I am not sure which to choose. I see the value of all three ways and more importantly, a successful combination of them all.

"quick, BIG and steady"

Thank you and all of your staff and team for your dedication to us who haven't yet really gotten started.

Dave in TX


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Great job on the bio!

Definitely sounds like you have the drive for this. Just make up your mind that this is what you are doing. That there is no going back.

Read, read, read. You must know what you are doing. But you can do it!

Good luck!


Hi David

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What a great write-up on your profile-it's like reading a story!
You've had a very interesting life so far, and now you're adding REI to make it even more successful!

You will find great investors on this site who provide guidance and their experiences.
There's also lots of great information on the threads!

Wishing you success,