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David Brassfield
Fair Oaks,Ca.
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I'm a auto tech by trade for twenty something years.After the bottom fell out in the late 90's,that was no longer a viable trade to be in.At that time,My parents were in Louisiana,both disabled and could not care for there place on there own.So I went there to help out.My Dad was in and out of the hospital many times and just getting worse each time.I managed to get them moved back out to northern California,got them set up,then my Dad passed four days later.I've been caring for my mother since.She is now 82.I joined D.G. in 2010,but let myself fall into the trap of the naysayers from the relationship I was in at the time.Long story short,I'm no longer in that relationship.When I came back the only J.O.B. I could find was at a saw mill.After a on the job injury,two surgery's,and out of work for two and a half years,I could no longer do any of the hard work I've done all my life.If I had followed through with this back then,I would not be in this situation now.Can't fix the past.No more "should have,could have,would have" in my life.I will live the rest of my life with no more regrets.I'm glad to be back,and looking forward to meeting all of the D.G.family.I have two kids,six grandchildren,and in a relationship with a wonderful woman that I grew up and went to school with.Is that funny or what? I'm 56. We want to spend the rest of our lives together and watch the grandchildren grow.Time to live life on MY terms.Let's do this! Thanks Dean,should have listened to you back then.Hard lesson learned.

Musician,Love motorcycles,hotrods,boats and fishing.

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