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My name is Daniel Dias. I am totally new to this world of Real Estate Investing. Like many, i grew up in poverty. Not much to eat, always moving all around. There was a point in my life where i felt everything was slipping away from me. Thats when I realized that I cannot rely on anyone but myself. No one else can push me as hard as I am willing to push my self to succeed.

I ordered Deans book in December of 09 Didnt read them to 2010 but what happened was amazing. This book opened my eyes to a whole new world. the world of REI! its so exciting... I am now 22 and yet to lock up my first deal. TAKE ACTION is what dean is all about. I love it. He might not know it but he has changed my life FOREVER!

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Aloha Daniel

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I just wanted to say Hi and welcome aboard. I'm from Maui and I wish you the best of success with whatever you do. You couldn't do better than to be right here, right now.

Peace Cousin