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Dan Jentes
Hemet, Ca (Riverside County)
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Somewhat new to RE Investing. I have a background in Engineering field (Design/Drafting). Lost my job in 2009, looking to become an entrepeneur. Saw Dean's infomercial one day and said to myself, Why Not? Deffinately have learned alot about investing and creating wealth.

Multiple business interests, being active and watching sports.

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Currently Unemployed
No Children
Some College

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Mainly Just This One


how do i get started

hey i like this real estate but how do i get start where do i start should i get list go from there

Welcome to the DG family!

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Hi DJ,
Welcome to the DG family. Joining this site is a good step towards more success as a REI. I say more because you have already successfully taking some steps. Congratulations! My suggesstion for getting started would be to learn more. Come here often. Search through the site and read everything. You will be surprised how much you learn and how fast. The only person that can really tell you where the best place for you to get started is you. Once you learn enough you will know where and how to get started. Keep learning and at some point everything will start coming together. You will be surprised when it does. It will be like not realizing you had your sunglasses on and taking them off at night being able to see so much better. I am not exagerating it will happen and it won't take long. You have to continue learning etc to get there but you will as long as you keep reaching for more knowledge.