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Gabriel DoCarmo
Tampa, FL
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I am extremely committed to REI. Still haven't done my first deal, but I will SOON ENOUGH. Currently teamed together with a partner here in Tampa. If you have any advice or comments for a beginner like me, please feel free to PM me anytime.

August 2014

After a failed attempt in Real Estate Wholesaling back when I was in high school, I've now decided to give Real Estate Investing a real shot this time. Especially now that I'm more mature, wiser, and determined to succeed in life. Very excited to be involved with Dean and all of its members. Please feel free to send me any comments and suggestions, would love to hear from you.

God bless you all!
Gabriel Do Carmo

Reading, Chess, Running, Working on Financial Independence, and Personal Development

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im otis im in georgia and was wantin to know if we could partner up i havent done a deal and dont know where to start

Welcome Gabriel

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Hey ,what are you 16? That is really awsome that you have the maturity to get into this at your age. Man, you could be retired by 25 lol. I wish I knew about this when I was your age. Just wanted to say hello and good luck. work hard at it and Never EVER give up!


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I appreciate you taking the time to visit my page and giving me advice. Yes, I am 16 and am trying to learn as much as I possibly can, by reading Dean's books and frequently visiting this amazing site.

Take care,
-Gabriel Do Carmo

I'm not alone!

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Hey Docarmo1994, I'm seventeen, I'm down in South Louisiana. I have the RockBottomBluePrint, I'm currently trying to get started with my first deal by calling some realtors. No luck yet, but I'm gonna keep trying! It's cool to know there's other people out there the same age as me in real estate. Let me know when you do your first deal. Good luck!


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Thank you Docarmo1994 for responding. As far as the book is concerned I just learned of it today and I will be ordering it. Thanks for allowing me to lean on you because I will be contacting you. Smiling



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No problem at all, I hope you do get the book, read through it and apply the principles. And yes feel free.