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Duncan McCreary
Atlanta, Georgia
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My name is Duncan. I have been a follower of deans techniques for quite sometime. In the past I got discouraged after trying so long to put deals together and nothing seemed to work.

When ever I would have a deal right in my hands, it would always slip away when a realtor or a home owner would ask me if I had a license to do real estate or put deals together. I couldn't ever convince people after that point.

Then I came upon Matt's 25:1 strategy. It makes the MOST sense to me.

I found two or three realtors and agents but they where greedy and took the deals from under me. "Mainly because they where not students of Dean and DID NOT understand the process legally."

I am here again after three years away.

This time I am specific about what I am looking for. I need a REALTOR or AGENT who is FAMILIAR with Matts 25:1 Strategy and who is a student of DEANS and who understands the process.

My goal is to make some lucky AGENT at least $100,000 by May of 2015.


DETAILS: By using deans methods with information from all of his books and coaching, I can find at least 50 Buyers per week in a particular price range, in a particular area or any hot or profitable area.

Using Matts 25:1 strategy, all the Agent has to do is plug in with the system. Once we find a good deal, I will already have the Buyer lined up. Using Deans paperwork, or whatever legal paperwork needed, from there we make the deal work where we both get paid and everyone is Happy!

NOTE: I prefer to work with an Agent who has closed deals with the 25:1 strategy and who understands the paperwork side and legal process of putting these deals together. Or one who is willing to learn Deans Methods, because these deals don't typically work well with traditional methods that Agents and Realtors are use to.

And a BIG PAYDAY, thanks to DEAN !!!

If you have the eye of the tiger like myself and if your a workaholic like myself and if you are familiar with Matts 25:1 strategy, CONTACT ME! TODAY!

Making Money

Basic Info

Making Real Estate Agents RICH !!
No Children
Some College

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Excepting First Offer.. $13,000

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Asking Price: $13,500

Thats a 20K Price drop from our asking price of $33,000

Repair Estimate: Approximately $10,000

After Repair Value: $60,000 @ Market but $40,000 for a Quick Sale

Great Area for Rental

We need a Cash Buyer ( End Buyer ) who can close with Cash within 2 weeks of Interest

We will give a Finders Fee for whoever brings a buyer to the table.

Contact Info and home Details are below in the link >>>>>


looks good + birddogs

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Definitely something to consider
Plus, be aware of a new group if you do know of somebody