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Eric Morford
Athol, Idaho

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Plumber/ Real Estate Investor
No Children
Some High School

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Hi Eric

I use to live in Wolf Creek. I still have lots of friends in GP. Where are you at with your investing, do you know which area you want to go into. I will try to be better at checking post. I got discouraged because it seemed no one was from my area. At some point we should have a northwest meetup. Talk later Kay

Hello Kay

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Well, I'm on my fourth week. Finding that it is like getting blood from a rock to get help with finding investor buyers out here. Seems that so many have the resources to share but they are protecting them. From what making money? lol I don't get it. With so many properties out here well below FMV available it's hard to know which way to go...Lost in Oregon..

Where are you in your pursuits Kay? I'm thinking of

One more thing

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I have developed a meet-up on "" it's the "Southern Oregon Real Estate Investors Group". I just started it and the first meet-up is on the 6th of April..check it out...I would like it if you would come.
We might be the only ones there.. lol But it's just the beginning..Hope to here from you soon..

Own Your Future!!


+++My first deal+++

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I think I have my first deal. I "Bird-dogged" this 3/3 house on the river here in Grants Pass Oregon that sold in 06 for $440,000. It had a water line break on the second floor during last winter and created some mold and needed to be fixed up and updated. I caught this house before it went on the market for the asking price of $100,000. I then turned it over to an investor I am working with and it looks like they are going to go for it. Actually they just left for a tree hour drive back home after checking it out this morning. Because of the potential profit from this deal I will request a $5,000 finders fee. I'll update soon to show how that goes..

"Own Your Future"



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I just wanted to stop by your guestpage and wish you good luck with real estate investing. Congratulations on your first deal, it sounds like this assigneemnt has great potential. Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe

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