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Trying to become knowledgeable in real estate, being the middle man, until wealthy enough to purchase and sell with own money, I'm a sponge and a ''newbie'' so I willing to work hard and apply so I can be a great provider for my daughter and help to me would be GREATLY APPRECIATED. 2 Samuel 2:6

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hello dg family

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I've been incognito, just reading peoples blogs, and yes it's very informative. I just want to say that I'm so invested, with my will and vision that I truely want to be a blessing to my family, friends, and future friends. I haven't started putting badit sighns out and stuff dued to no phone, but I am new, and have a friend thats a realestate agent, so God's ordering my steps in this field. I pray that God opens the windows of heaven to bless you all on your journey. p.s. will start joining the acadamy in a moth or so.

i have a realestate agent

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I have a realestate agent that I just met, we became friends (on job site) and he seemed very interested in working with me, what should I use him for?

Aloha & Mahalo!

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Welcome to the DG family.
May you have Great Success in your Journey!