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Roger Schafer and Monica Schafer-Brooks
Twin Cities, Minnesota
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This is a combined profile between Roger and Monica. The purpose of this account is so that either one of us can chime in about the Real Estate deals we are doing due to our connection with Dean Graziosi and the Dean Graziosi community. It will be used to log our progress as Real Estate Investors. Our method is simple. Follow Dean's advice! Listen to Dean's students on that are successfully applying these techniques and apply those principles to our business. Then to share our own successes with the community.

To be knowledgeable in Real Estate.
To provide solutions for people with housing needs.
To make money in Real Estate.
To share capabilities with Real Estate Investor colleagues.

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I have been involved with Real Estate investing since my long term job as a software developer with a fortune 500 company was eliminated in February, 2010. I am a Christian and a long distance runner. I love the outdoors and love to travel. I have two children, ages 8 and 9. My wife is from Peru and I would love to someday be involved in Real Estate there in Peru as well.

[OK. Monica... your turn!]

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