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James Fiksdal
Roseville, Mn
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Right now I live in St. Bonifacius but my business address is in Roseville.
If you know where St. Boni is then you know I am surrounded by lakes.
So yes, most of my time.... besides investing lol....is spent on the lake fishing.
I am still a little new to all this so I am primarily focusing on assignments. But my goal is to own at least 5-10 multiplexes by the end of 2013.
If you live in MN feel free to email me and we can partner up on or just talk about REI.

Bible study, Fishing, Camping,hunting ducks with my dog, and of course RE

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RE Investing
No Children
Completed College

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Mainly Just This One


Sounds Good!

Just let me know when a good time would be. I'm waiting for those wire posts to come in from Ace Hardware Store that I ordered.