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Jennifer Forest
Reno, NV
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I just relocated to Reno, NV after 18 years in SF Bay Area. The quieter pace feels great. There are also a lot of RE opportunities here, so I want to get serious and start my new RE Investment business. I know I can learn a great deal from everyone here at Dean's site and I'm really looking forward to meeting all of you and benefit from everyone's knowledge and experiences. I've procrastinated much too long and I'm eager to begin my new RE business here. 'Talk to you soon!

Making money from home; the sciences; reading mostly nonfiction; forensic psychology; art; music; nature; environmental activism; animal rights; photography; drinking great espresso.

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My Pets Are My Kids
Completed Post Graduate

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Mainly Just This One


Blocked from accessing information

Hi, I was blocked from accessing the link here at Dean's site: Getting Started Quickly (or something along those lines.) Why? I would love to be able to utilize the information here. Thank you.

Any RE Investment Groups in Reno?


I'm feeling pretty much out here on my own in Reno, Nevada. I did a "Google" Search and also searched here on the DG Forums link but I just don't see anyone other than me here in Northern Nevada. If I am wrong, PLEASE email me here and let me know where I can hook up with a RE Investment/Investors group. I'd really love to learn from others and get a little support and help with questions. Thanks so much!

Jens dream

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Welcome Jen, I see you have started gaining knowledge!! Awesome!! Keep reading/studying and asking questions here and one step after another you will MAKE IT HAPPEN!! Good luck on all your goals!!