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Houston, Texas
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I'm Jesse Martinez and it's great to finally muster up the courage and nerve to start on the right path to freedom with REI as a tool and Dean Graziosi to guide me. I live in Houston and have been here for about 4 years. I am originally from Miami, Florida but was raised in Chicago Il. Yeah I know "WOW" but I feel Texas is the place for me. I work as an engineer at a big hotel corporation 40 hours a week but I need more. Fortunately I bought Deans book a few years ago and a lot has gone on since that point. So it was put in a box up until a few days ago when I found it and all the emotions came back of why I bought it in the first place. I want to get a second crack at life with new vision and I know I can do it with the right direction and education.

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Maintanance Engineer at a Major Hotel
Have Child(ren)
Some College

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I guess I will be the first to say Hello!!!!!!!!!

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Hi J!

I just thought I would stop by to say hi! And to just give added encouragement on your page! Just know that you will do great in all that you do. Always keep Jehovah God first, your family and you...and everything else WILL fall into place properly! Stay focused, strong and you will ROCK!!!!!!! Also, I noticed that you are in TX!!!!!!! Well, we are neighbors! Even though I will not be actually doing 'field' work just yet...I will be reading and learning b/n now and next year. My first goal is to see about possibly "bird-dogging" then moving upwards...but I'm not sure yet as to when by this coming year...Anyways, I just thought I should let you know, that currently I'm networking with a lady who's from TX, I'm guessing ya'll probably are in area (I could be wrong). Her SN is Firefly. And she's actually going to be working on her goals alot quicker than I will be. Maybe you might wanna leave a message in her guest book, just to say hi and possibly network. Who knows, ya'll just may take TX by storm before I get there! Smiling

Stay blessed and much success!!!!!!! Smiling