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San Diego, CA
About Me: 

I am developing a real estate investment firm based in San Diego.

Prior to real estate, I invested 25 years in marketing and advertising representing real estate corporations, automotive and publishing firms as Holden Advertising, Inc. I am a young real estate investor pursuing the wholesale strategy this year for building immediate cash reserves.

Previous Landlord/Rehabber and manage rental properties in the greater San Diego area. I currently work with other investors, and am actively looking for more properties to 1) rehab, 2) buy and hold, and 3) wholesale. I enjoy the learning process and various strategies described by Dean Graziosi and DG family. I am also in the process of getting my CA real estate brokers license. Lic has been delayed due to wholesaling!

Real Estate Goals
Build cash reserve by specializing in wholesale opportunities.

Currently Seeking
Anything that I can at under 65% of after-repair value. Single fam and apartment buildings. Also looking for private lenders seeking to earn a short-term 8-10% return secured by real estate. Also looking for mentors, partners, team to grow and help meet each others goals. Networking and building teams in CA, AZ,GA, SC, OH, FL.

God's help in all things, son, family, friends, health, education, prospering....wholesaling, nationwide team building...living the fulfilled life!!

Basic Info

marketing consultant and real estate investor
Have Child(ren)
Completed College

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Hi Greg,

Just saw this note!

yes, I'm very interested in mentoring and partnerships.
I'll respond here and also PM you. Not sure how the DG system works yet. Thanks for note and I look forward to speaking further with you.

I've got a deal I'm stuck on right now. Could use your help. Details to come if interested.


Hi Jill

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congratulations on joining the DG family and taking steps towards your success in rei.

You will find great support and information here!

wishing you many great deals,


thank you!

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Thank you for your note of encouragement. I'm believing this will/is all coming together right now. I've got my first deal in escrow. An SS I teamed up with an agent on. She split her fees and now just waiting to see what I actually get once the deal closes. Also discovered in the middle that the LP buying the property transfered to another LP via addendum for funding. Seems to me this is a slick way to transfer the property and get around the CA strict-guidelines related to SS and REO with no-money-down investors. Will know how this plays out within next few days. Anyway, thanks again for your note.

Proof of funds question

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Hi Jill,

I am in san diego also! just asking a few people here that i find online a question about "Proof of Funds"

I don't have any, and I was wondering if there was a way getting around it.


Proof of funds

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That depends on your seller. I have never needed a POF to close a deal. There are a few variables to consider. Always remember to always use OTHER PEOPLES MONEY.

Hi Jill

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Dropping in to say hi. I hope ur getting allot of deals in the pipeline & much success to you my friend....