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Joseph Nemeth
Amherst, OH
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I am a Real estate investor and entrepreneur. I started my real estate company Lorain County Homebuyers,LLC in 2011. We specialize in wholesaling and Lease Purchasing real estate. We wholesale deeply discounted and/or rent ready properties to real estate investors and rehabbers. My goal is for my company to be the #1 wholesale and Lease Purchasing real estate company in Northeast Ohio, and to expand to other markets as well

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Your 3rd deal

This is very good to read. I am just starting to invest. I've been a realtor for 17 years & am just in the beginning stages for investing. I know this is the right path for me to take. Your post just adds fuel to my FIRE! Believe me I am on FIRE for this! There is no such thing as failure in my book. Thanks for sharing!


where are you finding your buyers? any info much appreciated.