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Okay so as I looked back, a lot of things have come together to shape who I am as an investor and individual.
As an investor, I have been involved with coaching for just under 10 years this year.
I got my start by being the youngest of 8 kids, the youngest of 4 brothers.
My older brothers got me started with helping rehab their homes.
I realized they were making more then me an I wanted to figure out how to get at that level, I blame it on being the youngest and always wanting what my older brothers wanted.
I got involved with a coaching company taking advantage of everything they offered and actually starting helping on their inbound coaching line.
From there I was and still consider myself a real estate addict.
Got started small, buying and selling used mobile homes for monthly payments, then moved to small homes, small mobile home parks, medium sized homes (I always prefer to do creative finance if possible)
As I met with other investors and starting networking, the size of the deals increased, buying out of state became more common then buying in my state.
Raw land, recreational property, commercial all came into play. The more methods I learn the more I enjoy the creative way of making income real estate provides
I started to get involved with international investors, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America. This was a eye opening experience, and continues to be to this day.
I realized that investing and more particular coaching, is something that I really enjoy. Talking to someone brand new and hearing that terror/joy in their voice when their first deal gets accepted and reality starts to sink in. Talking to people that are closing 20-30 home deals and how creative they are in closing the deals.
I invest in real estate because of the freedom that it allows myself and my family. Anywhere we travel my family knows Dad will be looking at properties. I look forward to talking to you and interacting with you

Hiking, Cooking, Investing, Cashflow, Seller Finance

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