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John J Fisher
Towson, MD (Baltimore)
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How lucky can one get to meet someone like Dean and his team.

Recently at my job been thinking very hard about getting into investing.But how? We're on the downhill stretch of paying off our home. Priority #1.

Get home that evening and discover a DG post card mailer. Have a good feeling about it, and pick up the phone immediately. Make a booking for me and my wife to attend at our local Sheraton, without notifying her first. That Friday we spend date nite with intro to real estate investing.

I am now using 30 Days to Real Estate Cash By Dean Graziosi, training to master wholesale trading and more.

Dean says, "Find Your Why, Go 7 Levels Deep,not 5 or 9 Go 7 Deep" Sure!
Dean, I must admit at first I thought the cost for that advice seems to have a lot of inflation build into it, but than I also see it standing the test of time,and serving many. Thank you, me and mine now share in with the many.

Member of Toast Masters and Wood Turners Club

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Mechanical Engineer, job
Have Child(ren)
Completed Post Graduate

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Welcome to the Site

Welcome to the site john just do not forget to update you user profile so we all know a little about you and where you are located.


assigning a lease?

I currently am leasing a home with a purchase option. I have an opportunity to sell the house and need to see what my options are. any suggestions? Is an assignment f the purchase option a possibility?