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john didlott
denver CO
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Ex-military, now a 30 yr carpenter trying the other side of R/E

the great outdoors

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Mainly Just This One


clearing my path

In the last 72 hrs I have come to realize that Dean, has me so pegged. I'm my own worst enemy. I now know a little better what I must do to keep myself in check about over thinking this process so please Dean keep on keeping on and thank you

Welcome John!

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Hello John,

I am also ex-military, I see you like the outdoors boy do I live that here
in Alaska. While you are on this site
click on every link an read all, there is so much info here to be learned it is
outrageous. I am concentrating on assignments and wholesaling it seems to be the quickest way, to get money in hand. I actually lived in Denver for a short time, to many people for me!

Best of luck to you and, Never Say Die!! Denver

to a brother in arms

I'm sorry for not getting back to you sooner my wife and i have been really sick with what i don't know. I have been all over this site I still get lost in it I am also trying to do wholesale still having trouble with getting the right numbers in place for offers I have met Andy in Florida who has given me alot of help with my process on offers you are yet one more person I am meeting on this site that I hope to get to know. everyone on this site has been so helpful I'm struggling a little bit at the moment but rest assured this old torpedoman will launch on time THANK YOU for your kind words john didlott