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Aloha & Mahalo!

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Follow the link provided below, download files, leave comments and Enjoy

Here are some resources to get you started! Please leave your comments in the post or two. And, Don't forget to check out all of the other great resources available in the books, links, downloads, conference calls and website provided here.

May You have Great Success on your Journey! You will find a vast array of information at your disposal on this site.
Most of your questions can also be answered by researching in some of the Forums, Posts, and other links available.
It would also be to your advantage to complete your profile to it's fullest as well.
Thanks For Coming Aboard!


Thank You!

Hello JJD,

Thank you for the warm welcome, information and resource links, which will be sure to help me on my way to great success in Real Estate Investing!


Welcome Joy

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I wanted to stop by and welcome you to Deans board. We are all like one big family here on the board. We help each other and ask many questions.
If you will fill out your profile and let everyone know all about you and where you are from...chances are you will find someone living close to you that you can network with and give each other support and knowledge. That is what it is all about in this business.
Dean has provided a great tool here for each of us to become wealthy and several here on the board have became very wealthy...I have watched them go from nothing to where they are today. Personally I have wholesaled 21 cash deals since I started a couple years ago. Get in here and take advantage of all these great resources and new real estate friends and make a drastic change in your life too. I look forward to hearing about your first deal. You can do it! I am cheering for you!

Thank You!

Hello Sissy,

Thank you for welcoming me to Dean’s board! Your words were very encouraging. Wow, you did 21 wholesaling deals in a couple of years - that is awesome! How wonderful and exciting it is to meet someone who has experienced such great success! Did you accomplish this by reading Dean’s books and taking action, or did you also join the Success Academy? I am currently in the Success Academy (6 weeks now) and my investment strategy is assignment of contract. Is that the same as wholesaling or is there a difference in the two? There are so many resources, things to learn and do between the Success Academy lessons, Dean’s books and this website, at times it is a little overwhelming. For example, I have been working on my buyers list for a few weeks and now I am to focus on making a bunch of offers this week - oh my goodness! Nevertheless, trusting God, I will make that leap of faith and take action! I must because I promised myself that quitting is not an option! I plan to see this through to my first deal and many more!

Thank you for your cheers!


Journal and Offers


Do you have a journal on this board of the steps you took when you started out? If so, I would really like to read it. I have been looking and searching...
I have a major problem. My coach wants me to focus on making 5-8 offers this week, but in this area all offers must have at least $500 earnest money along with it. That is money I do not have, at this time, hopefully in the near future once I start closing the deals I will. Do you make offers with earnest money, if so how much. If not, how do you make offers without using some of your own money?
I just received a return call from a Realtor who said he is a Buyers Agent. He quickly explained what he and his company does and can do for me, as an investor. He has heard of Dean and the Academy. I may have explained what I want to do wrong, because he said wholesaling is against the law in South Carolina. He mentioned buying options on a property, buy an interest in the property, having the first right of refusal and selling the option to buy to another buyer or something of the sort. Is that "Realtor" terminology for assignment of contract? Do you also work with Realtors and the MLS listings or FSBO?

Thank You,


Myrtle Beach Is a buyers market

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Take a look at the research Joy!!!
Columbia is stable market. They experience their full real estate cycle every year. Myrtle Beach home values have dropped and are still the declining to the bottom!!!!! Tell me what you think! Florence has also been stable since 2002.

Check it Out!!!

Myrtle Beach (Buyers market) Link Below|2|3|4&period=all

Columbia, SC (Stable market)|2|3|4&period=5

Florence, Sc Link below|2|3|4&period=all


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We just wanted to stop by your guestpage and wish you good luck with real estate investing. We look forward to reading about your progress and future deals. You may become the "Dr. of Deals"! Wishing you continued success! Believe and Achieve! Smiling - Joe and Stacey

I Am Appreciative!

Thank you Joe and Stacey!

I appreciate your well wishes, it really means a lot to me. I hope to one day, in the very near future, to become a successful and confident real estate investor like you two. Also, I like the sound of the "Dr. Of Deals". That is definitely something to strive towards.

I do have a major question. I am still battling analysis paralysis, which is hindering my movement. I am able to explain what needs to be done or said (mostly to myself), but I find doing and saying hard. For example, you wrote about the estate property, then a few days later I saw the ad. I am assuming that was the same property. How did you do that so fast and what did you say to the owners? Did you have to give them earnest money? I will stop with the questions... for now. Also wishing you both continued success!

Thank You,