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Kien Boon Siew
New York City
About Me: 

I'm a real estate investor and I use creative marketing techniques to find deals at up to 30% discount off the after-repaired value (ARV). I'm looking to build my investment portfolio while helping others do the same. I'm focused on finding buy-and-hold properties for myself, while looking for buy-fix-sell and buy-fix-hold properties for other cash buyers.

The real estate opportunities I deliver include both FSBOs and REOs. My deals are located in NYC (Queens).

Reading, marketing, real estate!

Basic Info

Real Estate Investor
No Children
Completed College


Wecome Ken

Welcome to DG family and REI, good posts so far.

Definitely fill in some more info on profile, I think that most of us look at this for people that we don't know or that are new. It shows your sincerity.

Again, Welcome

East Coast Partner

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Hi Ken:
First off, fill in your profile! It will bring a lot more your way.

Second, where along the East Coast are you talking about?

You can contact me at DG name: AndyS


Andy Sager
DG's AndyS

Thanks Judi! Somehow I

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Thanks Judi! Somehow I didn't see that things were getting posted to the guestbook!

Thanks again.


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Hey Andy, I'm primarily investing in Delaware right now, in the New Castle County (the northern part that's close to PA). I'm from NYC myself though so looking to expand to NY/NJ once I have a solid footing in DE.

What about you?

Bio Updated

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Thanks man! Just updated my bio, will regularly review it and keep everybody up to speed Smiling


Hello Ken I just wanted to say thanks for your post. I'm currently doing the RBBP Program and I just need to get over the fear of the unknown. I am on my second page and will continue to press on. Seeing your post motivated me that no matter how slow it may be to hang in there and persistence will pay off. I currently live in Chicago. Let me know if you want to do some deals out this way. Happy Investing.

Mr. Lee

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You can be as fast as you want it to be. I still have to push myself to make that many calls every day. Sometimes I reach some jerks, but I just think they might have had a bad day. Nothing really personal, just gotta have a thick skin in this business. After all, we're people helping people. Nobody does anything great without being criticized Smiling

Enough of my rants, I'll let you know if I venture to the Midwest! Take care.

Starting out in 2012

Hi, my name is Ana and I'm in the east coast. I currently live in NJ, but grew up in NYC. I just finished reading Dean's book and am dying to get started. Would love to chat with someone already investing especially someone that knows my area. So if you're interesting in helping a newbie, let me know. I'm open for any advice, suggestions, etc.
Take care and Happy new year.


add me to your buyers and sellers list asap

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Lets do business I want to network with you

Join deans diamond syndication group asap
God bless.