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Spotswood, New Jersey
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I am a union carpenter and a Real Estate agent in NJ. I am a hard worker, and very motivated to do REI as you may have guessed. I can only hope that this and GODs help will see me through this tough time. I need a change from living paycheck to paycheck and always beeing broke. I know this is the answer, I just need to make it work. Not much luck yet. But I keep my chin up and keep moving forward.

paying my bills and mortgage and reducing my stress level

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Union Carpenter
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Ireally need help!!!

I cant seem to put anything together! the offers I submitted were rejected, I found a few investor buyers, but they arent interested in the properties I found; they need too much work. I see and hear all of these stories of people who do this with little or no money of their own, and thats me broke and I need this to work.

I am really getting worried here. CAN ANYBODY HELP ME!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

I NEED BUYERS; thats what the coach said please call me 973-930-4879 or email tgannellijr@optonloine.net.


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Where are the properties you found located.

I'm in NYC and the property prices in Jersey are better than here.

There are deals out there you need to utilize all the different real estate websites to search for properties in your area. Try propertyshark.com

Try looking for properties that are For Sale By Owner, they tend to be in good shape. Don't give up!


The properties are in Bergen, Passaic, and morris counties. All are an easy commute to NYC. Most of them need alot of work, tohers are priced too high. As for the FSBOs they are firm on their prices and leave little negotiation room. I am also a RE agent for Century 21 in Totowa, NJ. Let me know what you are looking for and Ill do my best to match your criteria. 973-930-4879.

Need Help

I hear you ! and feel your pain, am kinda new to this and am just hanging in there. I believe that something will eventually give , but the question is when? Can't even find a good agent who is willing to work with you. I often wonder about these people who testify about how well they are doing and some of us although hard working can't even scratch the surface, are these people for real??? or are they getting paid for saying what they are saying? Hang in there? something gotta give. On this note am looking for a good agent I live in NYC Brooklyn. Anyone interested in working with me please Pm me Thanks all!! Eurica