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Louis S. Rodriguez
Lansing, Michigan
About Me: 

Went to a community college in Lansing Michigan and recd associates degree in Psych and certificate in Corrections.

Worked in Corrections 7 years and then went into mortgages as a result of trying to sell biweekly payment program to mortgage brokers.

I wasn't really satisfied with corrections so I went into mortgages full time and eventually went on to be a top producer for a national mortgage bank. #1 in the state of Michigan and #5 in the country out of 350 loan officers. All this from studying my craft and doing what the other guy wasn't doing.

With the new laws in the mortgage industry, I kind of got weeded out and my then employer was taking money not negotiated even though I was their top producer.

Well things got bad as I ended up not being able to make things happen and ended up evicted, on food stamps and living with my sister.

I was able to eventually get back into mortgages and back on my feet a little, but ended up being homeless again and using food stamps.

I then was in a homeless shelter and went into their transitional housing, but was able to qualify for Social Security Disability. Once approved, I turned my sights on wanting to find something to do once I didn't need SSD.

I saw Deans and another different group having a free one day seminar in my area and watched Deans infommercial over and over and couldn't wait to go to the open seminar. I was scheduled for both, but picked Deans cause he's been teaching much longer. However, I did relate with the other guy who has his own tv show cause he mentions landing in Texas and on food stamps broke as his beginning.

Well, I went to the one day free seminar and as soon as they said I could learn to do this without my own money and credit and that they even had 100% financing for a deal if I had a buyer, I drove one hour away and took $2000 out of my bank account and signed up for a 3 day workshop "Insiders Financial Real Estate Workshop" back in April, 2012 in Sandusky, Oh.

I have finally read everything, listen to nothing but Deans cd's in my car and read or see or hear something everyday that is related to DG.

I am moving October 4, 2012 but I did get my DBA, 250 free biz cards from vistaprint.com, 50 bandit signs and 2 car magnet signs.

Writing this bigraphy is my next task then doing a buyers script, sellers script and an REO script from the books and DVD's. I've read all the material, read 30 Days to Real Estate Cash twice, am reading Profit from Real Estate right now then will execute the blueprint out of 30 Days to real Esate Cash and have a goal of $12,000 before December, 31 2012.

I want to start to use this sight daily so I figured, I should have some sort of bio.

Also, I did the 7 Levels Deep exercise. It took me 4 weeks to do a 10 minute exercise, but I think it mattered and made a difference. Boy do I need the tools Dean provides.

Well, I can check doing my bio off my to do list. Sweeeeet...

Whats next? Buyers script.
One of my first goals is to stop having to go to the local plasma center and selling my plasma twice a week for a total of $55 per week. So as soon as I am able to replace that incme and time, I will be so glad to leave it behind me for good. I do have 2 potential rent to own prospects that work there though.

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very encouraging!!!

Welcome aboard

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welcome to the site and the family. Take some time and fill out your bio so that we know what it is you are trying to do here. If you need help or a mentor PM me


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Finishing profile here today, then next on my list is buyers script.

Hi Louis

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congratulations on taking action and working towards your rei goals!
It takes good education and action to succeed, and looks like you are doing both, so it won't be long before we hear about your deals!

Wishing you great success!





Welcome the DG Family

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You are definately on a roll.
Keep up the good work!!