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Chasing The Dream's picture

Welcome to the family!
This site is an amazing site. There is so much information out here. Make sure you keep us updated on your success.
Good Luck!
Carpe Diem Stacey

books completed

I have finally completed reading 2 books. Which books? Deans, of course!
What's truly amazing is that these are the first books I have completely read cover to cover since probably the 5th grade. It was always difficult for me to read so I just didn't do it. But now I can see much better and it is not so much of a chore.
First step completed (since July 2011). Now it's time to start!

Thanks Stacey. It's been

Thanks Stacey. It's been over 2 yrs. since you welcomed me. Sorry to take so long to say Thanks! I appreciate it.

Hiya Mark!

Lisa R's picture

Sorry I missed you. was toggling back and forth between here and working on my website.

It's too bad they didn't have a ring or buzz feature when someone writes in your guestbook so u can check it out or like you said if there was instant messaging or chat room.

Take good care.
We'll talk soon. Call me if you want or e-mail me or pm me.

Good day

Lisa R's picture

So does this mean you have got your website up and running?
Let me know when it is complete so I can check it out.

warmest regards,

Success Academy expiration

Once you join the Success Academy, can you always contact it and the coaches? Been in since July 2011. I'm concerned that once I find 1 deal, I'll probably get 2 or 5, but I have no idea what to do once a seller says he'll sell me a property.

NY Vacation home specialist

Is anyone in the Syracuse area (or any in NY) an investor who has done a lot of vacation homes/properties in NY, MA, and FL? I'll be attending the REIC in February for the Syracuse area.