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DeMarrio Hartfield
Muskegon, MI
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Hello everyone, my name DeMarrio but everyone calls me marrio. Im 25 yrs old living with my parents at the moment trying to get back on my feet. Had some difficult years and looking to change that through real estate all by myself because everyone I know seems to have nothing but negative comments about real estate, and how it's a bad idea. Majority of my life I was told that I couldn't accomplished anything in so many words and had no one in my corner to back up my dreams, until I met my beautiful girl friend. She's the only person that believe I can do anything I put my mind to. She pushes me whenever "can't" comes to mind as if she knows what I'm thinking. She's my everything and her seeing that I accomplished what I set out to do make it that much sweeter. So my goal is to prove to the nay sayers and the negatives around me that said i can't... WRONG! Prove to myself that no matter what i can do it. Most of all thank her everyday for the push and words of encouragement to put us where we want to be. Thats my goal and I will make this happen...

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Hi Marrio,
Thanks for leaving a message on my account page.
How's everything? What steps have you taken so far to get your RE career up and running?