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I purchased my first foreclosure in 1986 for 59K. It was an REO, owner occupy residence. I tried foreclosures when I could not qualify for a 35K loan to purchase a small home, in a bad neighborhood, in Atlanta Ga. Three years later I sold it for 99K to purchase my second foreclosure, also to be my personal residence in Atlanta Ga. This time I worked directly with the homeowner by buying the property subject-to the 1st and getting the owner to take a 2nd for her equity. The purchase was for 107K total which I eventually sold for 338K prior to moving to Raleigh NC. Once I realized I could make money by doing the leg work to contract properties and assign them to other investigators, I learned as much about the foreclosure process as possible.

-I have done monthly research to identify pre-foreclosure homes, worked with the owner to contract the home, assigned the contracts to investigators and helped relocate the home owner.
-I have set up deals with assumable loans, subject-to loans, cash purchases, and owner financing.
-I have purchased homes off the Court House steps and directly from banks and lending institutions.
-I have also done commercial properties and land.

In 2008 when the housing market went south I returned to the workforce (working three times as much for 1/3 the money) and been trying to get back into REI over the last year. I have not found my niche yet. Hoping DG can rescue me.

Basketball, biking, traveling. Three things that is hard to do when working 60 hours a week.

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your property for sale:Wilson NC 1/28/2014

Is this house finished? you mentioned two level frames, not sure if it is in construction?

Thank you

P.S. I sent PM that say your username mbrayn0007 not exist