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Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia
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I have been involved in real estate for my entire adult life. I was a Broker in my 20's but realized that "choosing" the 60 hours a week I worked was not a great way to create the family life we desired.

I have been investing ever since. Some years and cycles more successful than others. Flipping and rehabs primarily when the market was hot and everyone and this gal could make money.

We kept a few and have seen the benefits of multi family ( in most cases) vs single family for our long term goals.

We made a significant multi family purchase in 2007 that has nearly done us in and realistically could still. After many trials and tribulations, I have new management that may allow me to get my time back and focus back on cash flow which we have been sadly lacking.

Feeling very much like a "newbie" (not a bad thing) as this "old dog" learns new tricks!

I love talking real estate, just being with my family, a good book and travel.

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Real Estate Investor, Husband and Dad
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Hello Christy

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I'd like to hear your criteria for houses that you're looking for in Virginia. What towns or county, beds/baths, square footage if you have a preference and how much money are you looking to spend?

Congrats on your accomplishments.

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Your DG family now
Add us to your buyers and sellers list asap.
God bless you always.