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My husband, Bill and I just recently purchased Dean's books and have been devouring them. Bill is 74 and I am 62, and our retirement is non-existent. We are in debt, and want to get our lives on track, and believe this is the way to do it. I am a retired nurse, Bill still is selling insurance. We dabbled in real estate before (took Carlton Sheets course) and it ended in disaster. The coaching team did not really help us at all. I watched Dean's infomercial several months, then checked him out on the internet before finally purchasing his books. We are so excited and believe with all our hearts that we CAN do this.

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New, but excited!!

Hi, my husband, (Bill) and I, (Susie)purchased Dean's books recently and are so excited to get started. Fear is a big hurdle as we took another "guru's" course and wound up getting in debt(even with a coach!!) and we are still clawing our way out. We have NO retirement, and are 74 and 62. You might say.....our lives DEPEND on being successful with this program!! I am visiting the website every day and reading and making notes. Both Bill and I think the lease with option to purchase is the way to go for us, because of our financial situation. We relate a lot to Greg Murphy!! We just need a little push to get started, I guess. Susie

i dont think so

there are companies who offer lease option but you wont know till you try read my post it is posible to do all of this just never quit and think outside the box maybe my post in the fear of bigining will help you.
im working on something now if it works i will let you and all my dg family know