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Just stopped by to say welcome to the site and goodluck. wish you the best in your REI journal'


A beginner and don't know what to do.

I order books but have not received them yet watching the your vedio all the time but don't even know where to start from.I know there something good out there but how to get it now is the problem.How do i start? whom to contact? how to get this buiness running is what i'm thing about now.

hey michael

welcome to the site.

when you get the books it will make more sense. read the books then come here and ask your questions.... we love to help i am a newbie myself.. looking for my first deal...........

what city and state do you live in. it often helps to answer questions.. like in finding a real estate club to go to.

best of luck and happy investing.....


Don't know how to start.

I'm reading a lot, talk to people just to get started but is like nothing is working. trying to join other group that will enable me move on.Everybody is given me nagetive ideas,but the vidoes have keep me up pushing me on,but have not found my way out yet.