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Michael Westman
Baltimore, Maryland
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I'm new to real estate investing but am really enjoying the wild ride of learning something about which I knew nothing! It's beginning to make sense though, which is very exciting...scary...no, exciting, well maybe a little scary!

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...which means I'm getting serious!! Smiling I want to know everything, I don't want to stop or be stopped, and, I want to be one of those people Dean comes to visit on his airplane! Welcome to my guestbook everyone!

checking on you

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I will be checking on you.
I will be loooking for a deal completed by the end of Feb 2010, and another 15(or more) completed by Feb 2011.
I am looking forward to hearing all the details. When do you plan on being a fulltime REI and life enjoyer?

You are awesome Michael! You and I both know you got this. Make it happen.


Hey Scott

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Hey Scott, it's been awhile, eh! Anyway, well I didn't make the February date but I'm hoping April will be the month. My realtor showed me a nice house that has been vacant for at least a year and I took my contractor with me to look at it so I now have an estimate for fix up costs and am now running numbers to determine if this is a good deal. My gut says yes but numbers don't lie! I hope I can make an offer on this house in the next couple of days. I'm going to have to use hard money for the first couple of fix and sell projects to get myself all capitalized. I also plan to call the Academy today to work through this with them. Wish me luck...I really need a deal!

Let me know soon how things are going with you. Seems I remember you are moving...

Keep motivated!

Take care my friend,