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Welcome to the site. Good Luck to you! This is a great family to be involved with.

Happy reading and good luck finding all those great deals out there. Carpe Diem- Stacey

Thank you for the welcome message!

Hello Greg,

Just a quick note to thank you for the welcome message that you sent me the other day.

I am super excited - AND super terrified - all at the same time. If you have any words of advice, please share. I hope to have a member journal going soon, so be sure to visit and share and words of wisdom.

Thank you again Greg,


Hello Stacey, Great to hear

Hello Stacey,

Great to hear from you. Thank you for the welcome message! I appreciate the greeting more than you realize, as I am filled with excitement and terror combined. (Some of my terror comes from the fact that I am in the Northern California area and we do not really have any homes that are in the $15K - 50K price range, which I keep reading about.)

Since you have some experience in this REI game, please be sure to share any and all words of wisdome and advice. Thank you!

Hopefully I will be up and running into he Success Academy by next week and I really hope to be a Success Story in the future as well.

It's so exciting to read about the Carol, Matt, Rina and Greg's of the world and I was very excited that John Wakefield won the Send Me Away Contest, as I voted for him because his story really hit a nerve for me with watching the success he has had on his video.

Stacey, thanks again and keep in touch for us REI newbies!

Thanks Stacey,