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catherine l. haynes
Raleigh, North Carolina
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I am a NC paralegal and former NCRE broker. I worked my way through college waiting tables and as an accountant while breaking into the re market in Asheville, NC. I had some success and some failures too, but I learned a lot! Mostly I learned that the money is in owning property and having passive income. In 2003 I bought my first duplex using the Carleton Sheets course. I did ok with that purchase and sold in 2006 just before the bust. Even though I was in re for a long time, I still struggle with fear and the roller coast emotions Dean talks about in his video blogs. I have been reading his books and renewing my mind to think like an investor. I have ordered cards, joined the local REIA, set up a web site and started building my buyers list. I am working towards making my first deal happen. I think that will help a lot to boost my self confidence. Even though I spent years in RE mostly in a seller's market, I know I have to switch gears and learn how to capitalize on this market right now. I hope to start making offers soon, as I just got started this week. It is so encouraging to read all of your blogs and to be in touch with people who are like minded about prosperity. God bless you all!

Gardening, pottery, decorating,real estate, remodeling, hiking, cooking, visiting the National Parks

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Hi Catherine

I saw in your profile that you are from raleigh,NC. I am from the same place. I am a newbie investor and struggling to get started. It would be wonderful to network with you. The experience I have with realestate investing is buying my own house and then buying a REO property and renting it out. I would like to get started with assignments as they are no money down deals. I am just getting started with my buyers list. Have you done any assignment deals? if so, can you help me/be my mentor and advice me on how to do it. would you like to do any partner deals? IF you are also getting started, we can partner and try to work this out for both of us. I feel like working this out as a team would produce more results and we would take more action as we will be accountable. I write all my goals/action items then sometimes get out of track and demotivated. I would love to network with like minded people who same realestate goals. I am planning to join TREIA soon. Are you a part of it? I would really appreciate your reply, PM me. thanks and Cheers to your success!!