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Maxine Ochs
Mesa, AZ
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I am a new real estate investor, Mom of 5 kiddos, wife, intensive care nurse of 25 years,child of God & lover of learning.
This was supposed to be my hubby's adventure but I do hate to be left out of anything. :0)
Helping kids & people is my nuture, I believe it is one of my God given talents.With fiancial freedom I can help & do more. I beleive Dean has integrity and I am enjoying learning how to be a solution for many people.:0)

God, Hiking, scrapbooking, camping, reading, traveling

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Real Estate Investor, Mom, Wife & Nurse
Have Child(ren)
Completed College

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Mainly Just This One


Thanks Greg

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I will keep that in mind. Smiling

What to say to agent who wants ur logic for the cash buyers list

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We are working on our first 5 days of the RBBP & the agents we are talking with does investing himself along with being an agent. He flips about 100 houses/year. Offers a crew that will rehab etc.for his investors.
After giving him the 3 steps of homework listed his reply was..."ok,I'll get the information to you to review. Do you mind me asking what the logic behind wanted the list of cash buyers for homes bought in the last 90 days is for?"
Since he does this short of stuff 95% of the time himself are we stepping on his toes. I don't want to offen him. Would love some advice.

Thanks so much
Maxine Smiling

Know what your buyers are willing to pay for properties

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I would tell him that you are trying to keep your eyes and ears on the foreclosures and which areas are good to invest in, and which areas have the hot spots for sold homes. Let them you want to get to know your real estate market like the back of your hand.