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Zsuzsanna Monzello
About Me: 

We moved to Florida from Hungary almost 3 years ago.
I've been working as a maths teacher for 4 years, than travelled in a Caribbean as a bartender, worked in casinos as a crupiee, account manager for a company in Europe, and still working as a sales representative for a Hungarian adverisement company.
Here I can't use my degrees without further education.
I was really happy to find Dean's books, which opened up a possibility for a successful life.
I am a little scared, but seeing this wonderful DG family with support and help gives me the confidence to take action...

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Have Child(ren)
Completed College

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Mainly Just This One


Never Be scared!!

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Hello Zsuzsanna,

You have to step out of your comfort zone
which can be very tough, I deal with this all the time. We have to face it head-on and do battle with what scares us to be triumphant. While on this site
hit every link and, read it all soak it

Wishing you all the luck in the world,

Hi Denver

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Thank you for taking the time to visit my page and giving me advice.
Some motivation, and care from DG family is always appreciated.
I am stepping out of my comfort zone,just collecting more tools.
I know, there is no Deal, without action and we can learn through our mistakes.
But it's easier to take an action with knowledge.

Wish you a lot of success in investment,



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Welcome to DG. We are like a big family here and will support you through it all.

Being scared is natural. We all go through it. We just have to keep in mind Carol Stinson's advice, "Do it scared!"

Good luck!



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Thanks for your kind words Karen.
I love this family!!!!

Hi Keith

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Thanks for stopping by at my guestbook.
I really appreciate your welcome.
I entered to a whole new world, and I know, I will have a wonderful and exciting journey.
I have a lot to learn and to experience new things.
The support of the DG family gives confidence.
Thank you

Hi Greg

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Fall was, when I got the first book.
Then I spent some time in my comfort zone.
I started to work just recently.
But now, I am in action...
Didn't achieve to much yet, but I am working on it.
Just put my first bandit signs out, and will mail some letters for potential cash buyers tomorrow.
Learning learning learning as much as I can.
Thanks for visiting my guestbook