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Montgomery, Al
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I am a full time Real Estate Investor and I use Dean's great information as just another tool in my toolbox. I mainly focus on long term rental properties, however I come across deals all the time that I assign to other investors.

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Hi to Fellow Alabamian!!

We're so few and far in between! Hello to you! I work at Gunter AFB currently and I have been searching for someone in the area to meet up with and possibly do deals together. I have no buyers list but am working on that this week as well. I am off this entire week and I have lots of leads with no buyers, but whomever I team up with to work at REI I certainly would not mind sharing the profits 50/50 just to get started. Of course you already have this in writing but I would be happy to sign a contract as well if that would suit you! As well, I am waiting to hear back from someone in Pensacola for date and time of the next real estate investor meet-up there. I have signed up for the PMI coaching and learning (Real Estate Academy) but I don't want to wait for incremental stop and go lessons when this is the only free full week I have off! Looking VERY forward to hearing from you. My new email is gunterhomeinvesting@**** and my cellphone number is 334-282-5797. Please call me! Thanks and have a great day!!

Lisa Gunter