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Pre-Veterinary Student; Veterinary Intern/Assistant
In College

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Mainly Just This One


Welcome Sarah!

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Just signing in your guestbook to wish you success on your rei journey!
If you put your mind and your energy into it, you can accomplish anything you set out to do... You will find great resources on this site.


Night owl college students

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Just wanted to touch base and say thanks again for your questions concerning contracts with sellers. One of "my" students in Advertising & Graphic Design here, who could practically be your twin, at least looking at these tiny photos, also got nicknamed Mouse. She comes off quiet and a bit shy at first, and then comes on strong as soon as she's sure of herself --- always gives her the element of surprise. Best wishes in all your studies, and in making use of them!


good luck

Hey Sarah, I just want to

Hey Sarah,

I just want to welcome you also. I just started but I was wondering if you could answer a few questions for me please:

1)With reos when you transferr an LLC
in a double closing what happens after that. Do you buy another LLC,say at legalzoom, in order to do another deal.

2) Can you do several deals under the same llc with a double close.

3)You mentioned something about having proof of funds as another way to do a double close, can you elaborate on that please. Thank you

Sincerly, Jerry Flores

Hi Sarah, Thank you for your

Hi Sarah,

Thank you for your advice, that means alot.

Sincerly Jerry Flores


I'm local! Lets network. PM me.

I love your drawings!

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I love your drawings!