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I was a building contractor for 18 years in paw paw Michigan. I was in the buisness from 1976 to 2004. Back then business was either really good or bad. When I decided to get out interest rates were all over the place. they went as high as 18%.I taught myself everything and was good at it. But with two young boy's and a great wife I needed more stability. I now work in downtown Chicago as a union stagehand. I want more in life and I know that real estate is the answer.I know I can do it but I just have to meet the right people to do it. I need to make my first deal and I know then everything will work out. I will probaly be callin the acedamy many times for advice until I feel comfortable. I will make it work ! I'll be back. thanks

boating\ golf\ fixing houses\real estate investing

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