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I am in the midst of a FSBO with a gentleman that is very eager to sell me his property. It is 30K under Totalreview estimates. I have seen the property and it needs to bee updated with about 15 to 20K in carpets, paint and appliances. Now how would I structure the deal. He is willing to hold the contract. I am not looking to live there but to rent or resell for a profit. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Help in Seattle

Anyone in the Puget Sound area doing deals I would appreciate help in strategies. There are deals out there I know just been unable to close one. Any suggestions about hard money, investors, etc. would be appreciated.



Ok I've seen on the news today that the Emerald City has some of the lowest home prices in many years today along with about ten other cities. In the midst of this great opportunity I am looking for help. Any ideas would be great I have been unable to get lending. But haven't given up been to auctions, foreclosures, FSBO's, etc. Any one have resources that could help I would be forever greatful.