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NEPA (Northeast PA)
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Former RE agent in NY and PA looking to get involved in RE in one form or another.
Last 4-5yrs driving tractor trailers. It helps hold the line... but that is all.
Looking for a change. Tired of living on the edge of 'nothing.'
Looking for other people to work with. There is 'power in numbers.'

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Hey Paul

I just wanted to touch base with you and tell you how things are going with me and that property in Scranton. I told the seller the situation and the current market in Scranton based on what you had told me. I checked the property value based on zillow's analysis and it did drop drastically in the passed month I was working with him. I had a potential buyer who was considering $45,000. After telling the seller how the market is going. He agreed that he will take between $30,000-35,000. I was able to understand the contract more clearly, however, I ran into another road block. Apparently, any title and escrow companies I work with have to be from the state the property is in. Do you happen to know any reputable title/escrow companies in PA that maybe able to assist me and how much they may cost? Thanks again for the conversation we had over this property, I had learned a lot.

Assignment Contracts

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Hi Pol,I'm getting closer to the point, I mean making deals but I was told that doing assignment is not legal in PA. What are your thoughts about that? Did you do any assignments?