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Harry Delia
Phoenix, Arizona
About Me: 

I have built the Real Estate and Beyond Team that focuses on building wholesale real estate portfolios for investors here in the local Phoenix market. Many people are concerned about the following:

•Retirement-Will I have enough money?
•Healthcare costs
•College costs
•Inheritance to next generation
Real Estate is a perfect way to take action. I have built the "The Real Estate and Beyond Team", with unique people that includes real estate, mortgage, general contractor, handymen, property management, financial advisers, tax experts, CPA, lawyer, insurance, title company, home inspectors, hard money lenders, private money lenders, and Beyond. Each member of my Network compliments one another. We do not compete against one another. My weekly radio show allows people to hear the many ways to create wealth. The show is called "Real Estate and Beyond". People love the beyond part.

Golf, Avid Reader, Hiking, Proud supporter of Little League Baseball & Phoenix Zoo.

Basic Info

Realtor, Mentor, Radio Host
Have Child(ren)
Completed College

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I just want to encourage everyone not to give away the keys to your car. What do I mean? There was heavy discussion at the Edge 2010 that most real estate agents so no because they are not in the know when it comes to creative real estate investing. I encourage everyone of you to search for that local agent that embraces these principles through his/her real estate practive. Personally, I love creative real estate investing. I have been mastering my real estate business for the past nine years and counting. I have developed my own local "POWER TEAM" to allow people to plug into the juice by creating a one stop shop for investing.

Yes, I believe the American Dream is still obtainable. Real estate is a team sport which means it takes people to make things happen. Furthermore, real estate is a contact sport which means we have to learn how to speak to other people to find and close deals.

My real estate mentor told me one time that everything to succeed was right in front of me. All I had to do is ask for it.

Are you asking enough?
I have a simple saying on my weekly real estate radio show:
1. Make the Call
2. Set the Plan
3. Do the Deal$$$$$

Easy enough? Keep it simple and straight forward when it comes to real estate.

Have a great weekend.