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i been a barber n hairdresser on off for about 20 yrs, in between ive had trucking busines and construction ive been interested in real estate sence i was a little kid with dean an the dg family and my drive and focus il be up and rolling in1 week id like to get on a phone with somepeople bretty good at what they do and i can help out id love to !i grew up with alot of dream peers you know if i here the term if it was that easy every one would be doing it! and i say back to that somwere theres a bunch of people saying this is so easy why isnt every one doing this iiv been off work for 2yrs. do to medical preblems so if working 70 hrs. aweek can do it and ihave alought of time on my hands im going to falow through and be very sucsesfull at it as i wish all of you the verybest

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