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Born in Newport Beach ca., moved to G.P. Or. as a young teen. Moved to Seattle Wa. as a young adult. Worked for Boeing Aerospace as a designer/engineer for several years, moved to Tulsa Ok. as a single parent, spent 8 years there,(discovered that Ok. is a good place to be "from", not going back.) Moved back to G.P. Or. in 2004 and set-up Pro Time Fitness, a health and fitness center, 24/7 facility.
All along I have had this constant inner pinging about RealEstate, so about 12 months ago I started buying RealEstate programs from about 5 different people, one of which was Dean Graziosi. The info. I have learned from Dean by far exceeds his competition. I am now ready to pull the trigger, and I know that I'm plugged in to the right outlet. Fasten thine seatbelt...

Real Estate, River Rafting, Exercise, Reading, and Travel.

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Pro Time Fitness/ Owner
Have Child(ren)
Some College

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Lease Option

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I just wanted to send you a quick message to let you know I did get your message, and I will respond later on saturday. I apologize for that, but my computer has been down all day, and I'm playing catch-up. Due to the length and nature of your questions I want to make sure I answer all correctly for you---and good for you, you're asking all the right questions. Let me just say this for now, you've got the ultimate motivated seller---an out-of-sater. Hang on to them. Also, at a quick glance it looks like you've got a good deal. Do this for now, check with a real estate attorney to see if Oregon has any special laws on lease optioning. Many states do, particulary on the length of time you can keep a lease option in place. And, Texas will not allow them, period. I'm saying this because I just got shut out of doing a lease option to purchase in Roseburg, OR--just up the road from you. The owner of the development gave me an emphatic NO! And I own the property. I have an attorney looking into it.

I can answer all your questions, Ok !
Glad to help.

Talk soon,


Thanks so much for the quick response Keith!!!

Goood info.. I will check into the L/O time table. I didn't even consider the idea of time limits.
I am very interested in your property purchase in Roseberg, Or., since you are in Colorado. You must have some good experience in REI if you are stretching-out your tent pegs this far...that is really encouraging to me.
I need to nail-down serveral properties until I feel somewhat confident in buying properties out-side this state. But that is also my intension, that is, to own properties in several states.
If you don't mind, I would like to keep in touch with you from time to time, maybe run some idea's past you...one thing for sure, I'm going to have a few questions. So let me know if that would be ok..
Thanks again Keith.
Rod Smiling


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Just stopped by to say hello! Hope all is going well. And, "Never, Never,Never, give up"


Every day is a fresh start!!!!


Earnest Deposit

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Hope all is well. Go read this thread in Forum Topics---Ask Dean's Coaches a question, by nstreet or Nathan. He elaborates a little further on earnest deposits in some of the questions. They touch on some of your concerns.