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Ross Resnick
Boise, Id
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I will sum it up in just a few paragraphs. I graduated high school in '87 and began painting houses( ya know, I wanted to take that year or so off from possibly going to college), and liked makin that money. Anyway, that was only gonna be as good as it would ever be, so i got a call from my older brother who told me to quit wasting my time and come join him in starting a car lot. Sounded exciting to me; ive always loved cars, so a new beginning in business. The car business. After moving to Dallas, we ran a Buy Here Pay Here lot. It was fun, I learned a lot, and it also was very time consuming. I was making pretty good money for a guy my age.

Three years have gone by and i got a call from my father up in Boise who told me he wanted to start a car lot there. So I packed up and moved to Boise, Id. We started our own BHPH car lot and it went pretty well although the retail car business absolutely consumes your life; and quite frankly as much fun of a ride as its been, Ive really got nothing to show for all my years of hard work. Around the year 2000 a car wholesaler friend of mine introduced me to this side of the car biz. It also has been fun and have made good money, but again Ive built nothing and dont have a whole lot to show for all my long hours. Dont get me wrong; Im very grateful for what I do have. I want more!!

I remember seeing the RE guys on tv back 20 years ago(Carlton Sheets, Robert Allen, etc.)and always loved the idea of making money and building a future in the real estate business. I never did anything about it because i was consumed with the car biz.

So 20 years later, i see Deans infomercial and I said to myself that its time to make things happen and quit dreaming about it.

I have vowed to myself that Im going to live and breathe this business and am gonna learn as much as possible because this is what I want to do. I know it in my heart; its all I think about. So, anybody reading this; Lets do it together!! This is the only place for me. Dean Graziosi.com

Thank you,
Ross Resnick

Family, motorcycles, outdoor activities, watching someone smile because of something ive done, Its the best feeling

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I am direct to the seller on 7 wholesale properties. AVR: 300k+ Asking: 75k. I will assign

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What do you think is the best way to approach a home owner with a lease option?