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It all started with Carleton Sheets' NO DOWN PAYMENT infomercial. I've read & studying other REI books & material. It all sunk in as different versions of the same truth, and I believed this was the path for me. Later, I bought Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and DG's BARM. Dean's info on Wholesaling gave me the key I needed to get in the game, and now making moves to make the brilliance happen in my own life.

REI, Comedy & Action Flicks, Sports, and Soulful Sounds w/Company.

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My humble goal at this point is to have at least 3-5 deals done in a year's time, so that I can truly & finally be a Real Estate Investor. Following the steps that other students have walked, such as creating buyers & sellers lists, putting together a dream team, and all other due diligence, have to happen in this year to reach that goal. I've always yearned to be a wheeler & dealer, so I pursued that life through various sales venues, and mainly failed for lack of real interest. RE has been on my back burner for nearly 10 years now, yet my fascination for the many ways to make deals hasn't faded a bit. I'd still be an HGTV addict if I could afford cable TV. I've read several books and ordered other courses, been through a couple 1st time home buyer programs, and realized I couldn't afford to get started this & that way. But with this material, I can actually see a wide-open door to success (lease options deals). Where has this info been all my life? A year from now, life would be even more miserable without the success I expect now. Thanks, Dean, for being so adamant about putting the word out on how to make a better life for yourself & loved ones, and all the folks winning in the deals. - Ron4True -


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I read about your first deal, and later, following jjensen's blogs, I found & praise your re-posted "How To Be A Bird-Dogger...", particularly about clarifying that "you DO NOT do third party deals" & not giving the investor the address to the deal "until you have a nin disclosure agreement signed by buyer".

Respectfully I need to ask, what is a nin disclosure agreement? My plans are to develop an investor buyers list for reassigning deals, to get my business off the ground. I possibly would have lost my first deal without having read your advise. Thanks! May your flight continue forever.