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Scott Wright
Easthampton, Massachusetts
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I'm a working engineer with a wife and two children, ages 12 and 17. My wife was laid off from her job that she held for more than 22 years this past February, and we finally decided to act upon our needs to generate more income by purchasing Dean's books and becoming members of the Success Academy.

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just starting out in the Success Academy

Hi Dean and everyone else reading this,

My wife and I just purchased Dean's books a few weeks ago and immediately became members of the Success Team. For the past 6 years we've been renting out our first starter home but never seriously considered becoming real estate investors until recently. That's because last February my wife was laid off from her job after nearly 23 years and now my job doesn't look very stable either. We're very anxious to complete our first deal with the help of our Success Team coaches and gradually realize our true potential as real estate investors.

Dean, thank you for creating the Success Team and sharing your knowledge of real estate investing methods. Also, we'd like to wish everyone on Dean's team (both students and coaches)the best of luck in the future! We should all be thankfull for what we have and remember to have fun while we help the less fortunate people around us.