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Jason Reich
Woodland, CA
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I'm from a small town right outside of Sacramento California called Woodland and As of now I am new to the DG community. I have finally found an real estate agent that I think is perfect for what I am doing. Also, I have become a member of norcalREI group which has many succesful investors I can't wait to learn from. I have had some troubles in life but I've learned that its how I handle these problems that makes my character. Unfortunately for some its easier to fear then to understand. anyway I'd like to hear your story and your deals.

camping, hiking, martial arts, business, investing. pretty much anything fun

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crane operator, investor
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I'm fairly new to the REI life but, now that I'm Involved I don't see anything staying the same even in the short time that I've been learning. I got deans book and I'm half way through. hope to finish in the next couple days. If your a seasoned veteran or a newbie I'd like to hear from you just the same. Its always good to help motivate each other. hope to talk to you soon.



happy to have you here. i just wanted to stop by and say hello. i wish you the best and goin to the reia is gonna be great. thats a great place to build your team. because realtors atty's etc. usually understand what it is investors do and want. well enough rambling go to my profile if you want to contact me. i'm always happy to talk rei.

best of luck and happy investing