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Patty Rainey
Charlotte NC
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I love being in the real estate business - hunting down opportunities, analyzing the comps, and especially the art of negotiation. As a real estate broker, I've been making money for everyone else for years. I finally got tired of seeing everyone else making money on investments, or even worse, passing on properties that I knew would be a financial home run. So here I am, taking the plunge and making it happen for me NOW.

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Welcome to the site and the family. Take a few minutes to do your bio because this is where we go to see who you are and what it is you are trying to do here. If you need to ask a question or mentoring PM me.

your bio

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Great job on getting it done. If you need help use the link to my site..Keith

can you tell me if my bird

can you tell me if my bird dog fee should stay at $500 even for properties that are in the millions...? Im not sure.. thank you

bird dog fee

I'm sorry, I somehow missed seeing your question. I would think that you should be able to get at least $1000 for a property over $1m, especially if it's a buyer you've worked with before. Have you thought about wholesaling instead? If you can get it under contract, you can substantially increase your fee!